Pelvic pain stretches

Pelvic Pain Stretches

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Have you been told you have pelvic floor muscle tension? Try these pelvic pain stretches to help relax the pelvic floor muscles and manage your pelvic pain.

Pelvic Pain stretches

How do pelvic pain stretches work?

There are many muscles that make up and surround the pelvis and stretching these muscles can help reduce tension in the pelvic floor muscles. In fact, our entire musculoskeletal system is encompassed in a giant fascial sheath. This means that really, every muscle affects muscles up and down the rest of the body. Flexibility in one set of muscles can allow more optimal movement in other muscles. This is how reducing tension in the muscles surrounding the pelvic floor muscles can help to relieve tension in the pelvic floor as well.

Muscles connected to the pelvic girdle and pelvic floor:

  1. Adductors
  2. Rectus Abdominis
  3. Piriformis
  4. Gluteal muscles
  5. Quadriceps muscle
  6. The hip internal and external rotators
    • piriformis, obturator internis, obturator externus, gemellus inferior, gemellus superior, and the quadratus femoris.
  7. Transverse Abdominis
  8. Diaphragm
  9. Psoas

This is a great read about how the body is connected from the feet to the pelvic floor to the diaphragm via facia

Who would benefit from pelvic pain stretches?

These pelvic pain stretches could be a great addition to your life if you:

  1. Feel that you have trouble relaxing in general
  2. Have experienced pain with intercourse or use of a tampon
  3. Feel that you carry tension in the pelvic floor muscles
  4. Have experienced pain during a pelvic exam
  5. Have gone through a season of increased stress or anxiety
  6. Have a history or urinary tract infections or other complications that cause pain in the pelvic floor area

Common Diagnoses associated with pelvic pain

  1. Vaginismis- Muscle spasms of the pelvic floor muscles
  2. Vulvodynia- pain or increased sensitivity in the vulva (the area outside of the vagina.. AKA the perineal area or perinium)
  3. Vestibulodynia- Pain right at the opening of the vagina (aka the introitus)
  4. Dyspareunia- Painful intercourse (general definition with various causes)
  5. Endometriosis- When uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus, inside the abdominal cavity
  6. Interstitial Cycstitis (IC) AKA Painful Bladder Syndrome- Chronic bladder and pelvic pain, often associated with increased urinary frequency.
  7. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)-

Try these pelvic pain stretches!

Piriformis Pelvic Pain Stretch
Downward Dog Stretch Pelvic pain stretch
Forward fold and hang hamstring stretch for pelvic pain
Pigeon pose piriformis stretch for pelvic pain
Happy Baby Pelvic Pain Stretch
Childs pose stretch for pelvic pain
Triangle pose adductor stretch for pelvic pain
Supine Frog adductor stretch for pelvic pain
Hamstring Stretch with Strap pelvic pain stretch
Seated butterfly adductor stretch for pelvic pain
Butterfly adductor stretch with forward fold stretch for pelvic pain
Deep Squat Stretch for Pelvic Pain

Helpful tools/Equipment:

  1. Stretch strap
  2. Yoga Block
  3. Massage Balls

I also love this morning stretching flow:

Start your morning off with this 5 minute stretching flow.

Step 1: raise your arms up overhead, clasping the hands together, and then lean slightly back.

4. Press back to downward dog stretch

Step 2. Windmill your hands down to the floor (knees stay slightly bent)

Childs pose stretch

5. Finish with child’s pose stretch

Step 3: Step back to a high plank position

Download this free pelvic pain stretches PDF file and print for daily use

Free Pelvic Pain Stretches Downloadable PDF

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