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Sierra Rehrer, DPT

Sierra is a board certified doctor of physical therapy, who specializes in treatment of the pelvic floor and core, with a specific focus on women’s and men’s pelvic health, prenatal/postpartum rehab, low pressure fitness training, and pediatric bowel/bladder conditions. She achieved her doctorate of physical therapy from The University of Saint Augustine in San Marcos, CA, in 2013. Her love for using physical therapy for treatment of pelvic related complications began with the desire to pursue an aspect of physical therapy with deeper internal medicine knowledge, with the hope of helping women and men around the world. She has completed all required course work for the pelvic health speciality certification, and is awaiting the credentials from testing.

She also has a background in orthopedics with treatment of movement dysfunctions involving the spine, upper extremity, and lower extremities, with a passion for helping her patients return to desired sports/recreational activities. In addition, she has training and clinical experience in the treatment of neuromuscular deficits affecting strength, balance, and gait.  

In 2020, she had a son born with spina bifida, so she has now become more and more educated on physical therapy options for treatment of spina bifida, including the use of spinal stimulation, which she is now trained in and growing in her knowledge of daily.

She currently lives and practices in Hawaii with a focus on low pressure fitness training, spinal stimulation for spina bifida, use of hypervibe vibration plate training, and postpartum/ pelvic and abdominal health care. She is very passionate and grateful for the opportunity to help women and little ones who fall into these categories and have these specific needs.

Education & Background


Orthopedic Training

Women’s Health

I attended physical therapy school from 2011 to 2013 at the University of Saint Augustine in San Marcos, CA., studying the method of manual therapy by Dr. Stanley Paris. I am grateful for the opportunity to achieve a doctorate of physical therapy degree, and for all that I learned during my time there. Prior to this, I graduated from Indiana State University with a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology.

After I graduated, I decided to start practicing in outpatient orthopedics, as I felt this would help me to further my manual therapy skills and understanding of the musculoskeletal system to a much deeper level and build on the foundation I attained in my program at Saint Augustine. I am so thankful that I did, as I have been immensely challenged and I have gained profound insight about the body. I have much respect for the physical therapy profession. I am honored to be a part of this aspect of medicine; an integrative and holistic approach to healing to empower an individual understanding of their pain and provide the tools to create change from the inside out.

My training in pelvic and abdominal dysfunction began in 2017 with the dream of helping individuals around the world from all different backgrounds and to bring medicine in less developed countries with little access to modern medicine. I felt that being able to help women after having babies would be so beneficial, so I sought training from Jolene Smith on Oahu, who had helped pioneer pelvic health physical therapy to the islands. Since then, I have completed extensive coursework through the APTA, Herman and Wallace, and low pressure fitness, as well as other pelvic and abdominal education platforms for both adults and pediatrics. I am currently working toward a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner certification.

Low Pressure Fitness

I learned about Low Pressure Fitness training from a friend and was immediately intrigued. Everything I have learned about low pressure fitness and hypopressives leaves me with a desire to learn more, as I truly believe in the benefits of it for everyone, but specifically for postpartum women! I have seen results for myself with improved core functioning, posture, and a quick recovery to my previous waist size! I also can feel the benefits for low back pain and SI joint dysfunction, as well as recovery of prolapse and incontinence. I have completed the 3 levels of training.

Spinal Stimulation

I have been trained in spinal stimulation from Gerti Motavalli, who was the pioneer of this type of neuromuscular electrical stimulation for children with spina bifida. I have now used for my son weekly with multiple different settings for sitting and standing with the hope of improving muscle activation during functional activities. We have seen the benefits of muscle activation for bone density, circulation, and muscle strength.

Spina Bifida

In 2020, I became pregnant with a little boy! During our anatomy ultrasound, we were informed that our baby had a neural tube defect, called spina bifida myelomeningocele. He had a very large lesion and also a significant amount of hydrocephalus. From that day forward, we were determined to give our son the best life we could. As a physical therapist myself, I have devoted my time and effort into learning all that I can about spina bifida and how we can get the best possible outcomes for my son, with resources such as spinal stimulation and training with the hypervibe vibration plate. I am also passionate about helping others on their journey with this diagnosis as well. I intend to share encouragement and knowledge along the way and would love to be a support to other moms and families in anyway that I can.

Certifications and Training Post Doctorate

All 3 levels of Pelvic Health Training

Level 1-

Level 2-

Level 3-

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All 3 levels of Low pressure Fitness Training

I completed Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Low Pressure Fitness courses with instructor Tamara Rial.

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Spinal Stimulation Training Level 1 Certification

One-on-one training with spinal stimulation pioneer, Gerti Motavali and completion of level 1 certification.

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Low Pressure Fitness

An effective core strengthening approaching using breath and posture to involuntarily train your core and optimize performance

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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

A holistic and non-invasive approach for common pelvic health conditions

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Spinal Stimulation

A pediatric physical therapy approach for improving neural connectivity between the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, specifically for children with spina bifida

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My Commitment to You

“I am committed to professional development and I am always learning and continuing to seek out and stay up to date with emerging research and best practice. As my knowledge grows, you will have access to updated information on this website, and I will do my best to lead you on the right path to healing. Also, if there is a case that I am not qualified to treat, you will be reimbursed and referred to higher medical advice.”

-Sierra Rehrer, DPT

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