Here is a list of helpful resources that are written for patients and clinicians

Free Resources

Bladder Diary

Download your FREE bladder log here

This is a downloadable PDF file that you can print as many times as you’d like! This will allow you to track your daily fluid intake, regular foods, and how many trips you take to the bathroom a day! This is a great resource for working on urinary frequency and urinary urgency.

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    This is a great resource for:

    • Urinary Urgency
    • Urinary Frequency
    • Urinary urge incontinence
    • Anyone unsure if they are drinking enough fluid in a day
    • Anyone unsure if they have created abnormal voiding habbits
    • Anyone unsure of how frequently they go to the bathroom
    • Women’s health physical therapists looking for a great bladder diary!

    Pelvic Pain Stretches

    Who would benefit from pelvic pain stretches?

    These pelvic pain stretches could be a great addition to your life if you:

    1. Feel that you have trouble relaxing in general
    2. Have experienced pain with intercourse or use of a tampon
    3. Feel that you carry tension in the pelvic floor muscles
    4. Have experienced pain during a pelvic exam
    5. Have gone through a season of increased stress or anxiety
    6. Have a history or urinary tract infections or other complications that cause pain in the pelvic floor area